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Why Chad is Different

It’s late morning and the temperature is climbing into the high thirties centigrade (that’s hot in fahrenheit), it’s very dry and dusty and people keep telling me ‘oh this is the cool season’. It’s not cool if you just came from England in November!!! It will be really hot later and then it will cool down overnight. So, during the night I will open my bedroom window and curtains to let cool(er) air in and then in the morning I’ll close them again to preserve what freshness there is during the heat of the day. So, curtains and windows open at night, and closed during the day – more or less the opposite of what we do in England.

Chad is also different to other places I’ve seen in Africa. This was demonstrated very clearly to me this morning when someone had left a cake out in the kitchen overnight. Anywhere else I’ve been in Africa the cake would have been covered in ants within minutes – here in Chad, nothing! As far as I can tell, (ok, it’s not a scientific survey) there are no ants in Chad.

I will post some pictures when I get home, but the connection is too slow to do so from here.

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Gimme the cold any day!

BTW. I’ve been assured by a usually reliable source that there are ants in Chad, but unless the comment appears on this blog, I will continue to disbelieve it!

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