An African Morning

It’s been two years since I was last in West Africa. They call this time of year cold season in Ouagadougou. That is to say that the temperature is in the high thirties (centigrade) during the day and drops to around twenty at night. This means that it is just about cool enough for me to sleep.

I woke up somewhat sluggishly this morning, dressed and headed out to the baker’s to get some fresh bread. You can get good French baguettes just about anywhere in Francophone Africa – one of the great things about living here. As I walked down the road, I saw people setting out their market stalls, getting ready for the day. A radio blared out the local news and three kids followed me down the street, clapping their hands and calling out ‘white man, white man’. The low sun was already hot and the road was dry and dusty. It’s all so familiar and it’s great to be back home. Though I’m looking forward to flying home on Thursday.

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