Posts I Wish I had Written

Yesterday, two friends posted things on their blogs that I wish I had written. There doesn’t seem much sense in attempting to write something new today, when I can point you to a couple of great things that other people have done.

Missiologist extraodinaire Paul Davies has just kicked off a blog series which looks as though it will be very interesting:

In the past “mission” has been thought of as only “over there”. You must cross saltwater or at least national borders to be involved in mission. In recent years there has been a change and a lot of churches talk of mission as almost exclusively local.

Meanwhile Carl Beech has written a very elegant piece on the reality of stepping away from front line leadership, into a role where you have a boss. I am in the middle of the same transition and Carl has captured my thoughts better than I could have done myself:

In my new role I will have a day to day boss again and will also report to National Leadership Team that I won’t be part of.  Sure, its a senior role and I will have a significant amount of freedom but the fact remains that for the first time in many years I wont be calling the shots or setting the overall direction or culture of the movement in which I will serve.  I may also have to deal with my leaders not agreeing with my views and getting on with it anyway without sulking or complaining.  I’ll also have to deal with asking for permission again for some things.  It’ll feel a bit weird but strangely, I’m actually looking forward to it. ….

… My conclusion is this, as servants of God, who have signed up to follow him where ever he tells us to go and do whatever he asks to do, we are in a sense his chess pieces to move as he sees fit.  Therefore, if as the overall boss of a church, ministry or business (as this applies to all followers of Christ) you aren’t able to move at his request and serve another leadership and lay aside some of your current privileges or status, then perhaps you shouldn’t have been a CEO type in the first place?

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