Circular Reasoning

There is an interesting post over at Think Christian reflecting on the way that we often use circular reasoning to defend the Christian faith. The message of the Bible is true – we know this because the Bible says so… If people don’t believe in the Bible in the first place this sort of thing is hardly likely to convince them.

The final paragraph of the post puts our need to convince people of the truth of the Gospel into perspective.

For me, this is an illustration of several difficult truths about evangelism. For one, it shows the weakness of a Gospel presentation that relies on “proofs” and ironclad logic—most of the proofs we evangelicals cite assume a belief in the Bible. And secondly, it points to the wondrous paradox of sharing the Gospel: it’s we humans who are called to tell the Good News, but it’s God alone who has the power to touch a hardened skeptical heart.

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