Bakers and Curry

One of the nice things about travelling around is that I get to meet friends in different places. Sue and I first met Rob and Lois Baker when they were single missionaries teaching at a school in Ivory Coast. Twelve years later they are living in Benin where Lois teaches at an English school and Rob works as an ethnomusicologist. You can read more about them here.


Rob and Lois took me out for an amazing curry this evening. The restaurant was upstairs in a Beninese lady’s house. She cooked the most wonderful Indian food, but it was a case of eating whatever she made because there was no menu and no choice. I think I ate far too much – but it was great to sit and catch up and enjoy good food and Nigerian beer.

When we got back to the Bakers’ house there was a power cut and Rob had to bow down to the gods of electricity generators – unfortunately those gods didn’t answer his prayer and we sat and chatted by candle light. It was very atmospheric, but it’s surprising how much heat candles generate.


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Reading this makes me want to visit Benin to see Rob and Lois and go out with them for a curry! Eddie, where can I find the list of articles etc that you had posted after the Connect weekend? Can’t see to finf them on your website any more… John

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