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Seen Live: Silvina Moreno

There is a distinct pattern to concert reviews on Kouyanet; they either involve elderly rock musicians from the sixties and seventies or contemporary folk musicians. For occasional variety, there are sometimes reviews of elderly folk musicians. The reason for this is that these are the sorts of music I generally listen to.

Why then, did last night find me at the upstairs bar at Ronnie Scott’s in London watching Argentinian singer songwriter Silvina Moreno? The main reason is that she is bloomin’ good. However, we first came across Silvina because we’ve known her drummer for most his life – his parents are old friends of ours.

In this sort of situation, you naturally take a look at the YouTube videos, out of politeness, if nothing else. However, both Sue and I found that we really liked Silvina’s music. She plays guitar well, has a pleasant voice and writes really good songs. I’ve listened through to both of her albums several times over the last month and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Live however, Silvina is not just good, she is superb. Everything was against her last night; the space at the upstairs bar was small, the band had not actually rehearsed and Silvina only arrived at the venue from Buenos Aires half an hour before going on stage. Despite this, she put on a brilliant show.

Live, her voice is more gutsy than it comes across in her studio work and the high quality of her guitar playing is more evident. She is a natural performer, working the stage and the audience effortlessly and putting on a great show and you’d never have guessed that the band hadn’t played rehearsed, if the drummer didn’t tell you over a beer beforehand! Silvina only played a thirty minute set, but it was well worth the hike into London to see her and I really feel sorry for the band who had to follow her on stage.

She is playing one more gig in London this month (Friday 29) before heading back to Argentina, if you are in easy reach of the city, I’d strongly recommend that you get along to see her.

Please don’t think I’m just being nice about this gig because of a personal connection – I’m not wired that way. I really had a good evening!

If I’ve got this right, this should be a link to her albums on Spotify.

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