Factors for Mission Success

In which I ask a few questions; hoping for some really insightful answers.

After yesterday’s rather heavy post (thanks for all the feedback, folks), I thought I’d write something a bit more straightforward today. However, I really would like lots of feedback on this if you are up to it.

In an essay in Christian Missions and the Enlightenment Andrew Walls suggests that there are three factors needed for success in Christian Mission.

  • Access to people who don’t know the gospel.
  • Structures to mobilise people.
  • People to be mobilised.

I don’t have the book to hand, so this is a summary, not a verbatim quote.

This prompts me to ask a few questions:

  1. How do you measure success in Christian mission?
  2. Are there any further criteria that Walls has not mentioned?
  3. Do any of the criteria need to be re-formed?

If you have any thoughts on this, I’d be pathetically grateful. If those who are more academically inclined would like to leave suggestions for further reading, I’d not complain!

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