Bible Mapper

If like me you sometimes have to produce Bible maps for PowerPoint presentations or for handouts, you will be very interested in Bible mapper. This is a free programme with the following features:

  • select the types of standard map objects you want to appear on your map (cities, mountain peaks, rivers, roads, political boundaries, etc.)
  • select terrain imagery (relief and elevation, satellite land cover, etc.) or even load your own
  • select which biblical eras to display (only those cities and boundaries that existed during that period will be displayed)
  • change the color or style of almost any object on your map, including the terrain
  • create your own custom objects (or make a duplicate of a standard object) right on your map, including points, lines, areas, and ellipses, and apply a uniform style to it from a style library
  • place your own photos or other images right on your map and add a caption and arrow
  • texturize your lines or boundary areas, allowing the underlying relief to be combined with it
  • import basic geographic data (points, lines, areas, etc.) created by other software and customize it on your map
  • print, save, or export your map, or copy it to the Windows® clipboard
  • quickly calculate the exact distance of a road, river, or custom line object
  • find a place from biblical times just by clicking on it in the Find box
  • read an encyclopedia article about a biblical place

You do need to get a registration code to use it and there is little or no technical support – but as a free piece of software, this is a real winner.


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