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Posts from the Past: The Kouyanet Guide To Choosing A Bible Translation

One problem with blogging regularly for over 12 years is that you begin to forget things that you wrote in the past. This one is only two years old, but I’d completely forgotten it, so hopefully you will think it’s new and original!

Are you confused by all of the different Bible translations available in your local book shop?

Do words like “paraphrase” and “literal” mean nothing to you?

Do discussions of Greek and Hebrew words leave you cold?

Do you want a translation that is 100% accurate and better than all of the others?

If so, then you need the Kouyanet Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation ©. This simple system guarantees that you will find the perfect translation for all your needs; a translation that will impress your friends and demonstrate to your pastor that you are someone to be taken seriously.

Before the Kouyanet Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation © choosing a serious Bible translation was a highly technical task. The prospective buyer of a Bible needed to turn to 1 John 4:10 and check the words that occurred in the verse. If the word “propitiation” was there, then this was a good translation, but you found the term “expiation”, you know that the translation could not be trusted. If you couldn’t find either word, then you know that the translation was not worth considering. However, not everyone could remember which verse to look at and even fewer could remember which word was good and which word was bad (and no one knew what either of them mean).

The Kouyanet Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation © simplifies the process by replacing the search for complex words with some simple questions that anyone can answer.

Firstly, you need to make a list of the people that you and your church believe are the most influential Christians alive today. Then you have to simply look on the back of each Bible in the store and find the one that most people on your list endorse and buy it. It’s simple.

You know a Bible is a good translation if your favourite people have endorsed it. After all, if they use this translation and they have a famous ministry, it must be good.

If you use The Kouyanet Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation ©, please consider making a donation to our account in the Cayman Islands; thank you.

And meanwhile, there are still about 180 million people who don’t have a single word of Scripture in their own language.

In case you were concerned, this post is tagged under humour. 

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