A Principled Politician!

I’ve always had a sneaking regard for David Davis, even though I don’t often share his political views. However, I am delighted to see that he has resigned from the commons in order to make a stand on the issue of the erosion of personal liberties in the UK. Now you can probably tell from the way I phrased this that I agree with Mr Davis on this one, but that isn’t the point (honest).

Public opinion polls show that the majority of the British public don’t agree with Mr Davis stance and in particular, Conservative party voters are not with him. Yet, despite going against public opinion, (and probably against the leader of his party) David Davis has put his job on the line for an issue of principle. I admire him greatly for this; my only regret is that others have not done the same thing about equally important issues of conscience in the last few months.

This isn’t just about politics though, there is a lesson here for Christians about the importance, and potential unpopularity of making a principled stand for values.

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When I first heard about this I agreed. Then I found out that he has a majority of 5000 at the last election. At the upcoming by-election the Lib Dems aren’t standing and that Labour only polled 12% of the vote last time. I’m not sure that there is any risk to him getting re-elected. That leaves it as a stunt, possibly a clever one, but not really principled in the way you describe.

However, as someone who is troubled by the kind of laws being passed just now, I am glad he is forcing the debate. I just hope this isn’t over shadowed by the debate on whether he was right or wrong to resign!

I agree, Chris, he is very likely to get re-elected, though you never know how the electorate will react. But I think it’s more than a stunt because he has very likely said goodbye to his shadow cabinet career – he really has put his job on the line.

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