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Interactive Preaching

Anyone who is involved in preaching or teaching in church might like to take a look at Interactivepreaching.net

InteractivePreaching.net is all about promoting the practice and values of dialogical, experimental, communal and practical preaching.

Reflecting this, our site aims to be as interactive and open-source as possible. We intend to address, in numerous ways, the issue of moving beyond monologue sermons and include articles, tutorials, reviews and sermons. In keeping with the spirit of the site, you actually have the opportunity to edit or add to one another’s preaching (think Wikipedia!).

It sounds to me like a great idea and a site that will be worth following.

HT. Milton Stanley.

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One Comment on “Interactive Preaching

  1. I find so many useful links and ideas on KC, I’m glad to see you found something helpful at TS. Peace.

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