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-Bι ka -gwlε

Sorry about the strange title for this post, but I don’t know how to get Kouya characters to appear in WordPress, so you have to put up with capital letters.

-Bι ka -gwlε could be translated as “it’s been a long time” or perhaps “auld lang syne”.

We are still living at the Wycliffe centre, waiting for our house purchase to go through. Sue and I were out walking Bassam this evening and we noticed lots of VERY young people around the centre. These are students who are just arriving to start their training to go off around the world and help out with Bible translation work.

Twenty three years ago on a nice summer’s evening like this (I’m not sure who was beating England at cricket that day) we arrived here to start our linguistics training. That morning we had packed most of our belongings into our beaten up VW Golf, put on our best clothes and headed off to our graduation ceremony at Moorlands Bible College. When the formalities were over, we changed back into our jeans, got in the car and headed up to the Horsleys Green to immerse ourselves in the world of grammar, phonemes and inter-cultural studies.

It seems a long time, thousands of miles and a few lifetimes since we were starting out. I just hope these students have as much fun and see God at work as we have in the intervening years (I’d spare them some of the hard things though!).

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3 Comments on “-Bι ka -gwlε

  1. It’s 16 years now since I too arrived at the Wycliffe Centre to start my training, and met a whole bunch of crazy teachers including a certain Eddie Arthur.

    If you can get your Kouya into Unicode you can simply cut and paste it into WordPress (with default settings). Brian and Mike have managed it with Greek, even in their blog names, so you should be able to too. If you don’t know how to get Kouya into Unicode, look for whoever is now in the NRSI office at the Wycliffe Centre.

  2. It’s over 20 years since Ruth and I with a small Steve and a smaller Cathy first arrived at Horsleys Green – our car was towed in by a fellow participant on the Discovery Course after breaking down (a couple of times) on the drive from Belfast via Stranraer. For me too, it’s been a great couple of decades. What makes it even more exciting – and a great privilege – is that God has allowed me to play a part in mobilising some of those VERY young people Eddie refers to who are about to start training. God bless them all!

  3. And, John, you also played a part in motivating this no longer very young person to start training. It’s nice to meet old friends through blogs.

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