Stop It!

Agencies and churches are, in general, not very good at stopping things. When they adopt a new initiative, they simply add it to the list of things they are already doing; stretching their people even further.

The Best laid plans of mice and men…

Recently, I’ve posted a couple of articles on the issue of planning in Christian mission (here and here). Today brings us a concrete example of why any plans have to be held lightly. Sue was due to fly to Madagascar next month for her next translation workshop. For the last couple of months, the country […]

2025: A Step Too Far?

Tim Chester has continued his series on planning in Christian mission (see my earlier post on this here). In his latest article Tim says: But we don’t have to have a master plan. We don’t need a five year plan. Or a one year plan. It’ll almost certainly be wrong. Circumstances change. Opportunities change. People […]