Changing Questions

David Fitch has just written a fascinating post about theological training for Christian ministry. One of David’s colleagues is taking a denominational mission training course and had to reflect on some theological issues. However, she found that the questions did not really fit the world in which she lives, so she decided to rewrite them. Here are a couple of examples:

ECCLESIOLOGY Original Question: How does your church compare to the purpose and pattern of the Early Church?

ECCLESIOLOGY New Question: I don’t need church. Organized religion really bothers me… I’d rather just go for a walk in the woods and meet with God there.

ANTHROPOLOGY Original Question: A new Christian, who is concerned for his unsaved family members, asks you where his deceased grandfather, who never heard the gospel, is in eternity. How would you answer him?

ANTHROPOLOGY New Question: Christianity is all about men. God is a man, Jesus is a man, pastors are men, etc. How do I, as a woman, fit into a faith that seems to be all about men? (read more)

Do you think these new questions fit the sort of things that people ask about the Christian faith? If we were to approach theology from a missional perspective, how would it look?

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