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At the end of this year, I find myself regularly reading about fifty blogs, which is a signfificant increase on last year. For the most part, I just skim them in Google reader, but from time to time I find something really worth reading. Sadly, I also find a lot that is not worth reading and a good number of blogs (I’m not going to say which) have been removed from my regular reading this year. So what are the highlights of my blogging year?

As last year, the criteria for my blog(s) of the year are:

  1. They must post regularly
  2. They must be consistently interesting
  3. I must like them more than other blogs for whatever subjective reasons I choose.

Last year’s joint winner, Paul get’s an honourable mention this year for his consistent, charming comments about his life in Colarado and licoriceUK who also writes a lovely lifestyle blog also gets a warm handshake and a well done.

Last year I couldn’t narrow things down to a single blog of the year and ended up naming two. This year, I’m even more indesisive and I’m naming four. Three of them are rather similar in some ways, they cover mission and theology with a sprinkling of politics and social comment. Not only that, but I’ve only discovered two of them this year – the other was a near miss for blog of the year last year. In no particular order, they are the blogs by Doug, Ben and David. The other is the delightfully quirky and very subversive, ASBO Jesus by Jon Birch.

I don’t have a badge for your blog or a cheque for the charity of your choice – sorry about that. But thanks for some good reading this year. Keep it up!

This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no longer be valid. Things change on the web and it is impossible for us to keep up to date with everything.

7 replies on “Blogs of the Year”

NO!!!!!!! Say it isn’t so! Not only do you not give me the award again this year but you don’t even mention me. Where did I go wrong? Eddie! Buddy! Keen is so close to Ker. Maybe it’s a typo.

Last year I did a whole ‘blogs I read’ series. This year there are too many blogs to mention, so I’m afraid that some good blogs didn’t get any press this year from me – sorry gents.

Wow. I’m touched and honored – especially with this coming from someone like you. I had to laugh at the timing; I hadn’t posted in several days, and I was just thinking that I can’t (and maybe shouldn’t) try to keep this up. It’s been a much more exciting year than I anticipated. I’m happy a few people have shared in the smiles (and tears) of this year’s journey. I’ve definitely enjoyed some of the “conversations.”

Thanks for the mention of my blog! I hadn’t come across yours before, but it makes very interesting reading so I’ll be back again!

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