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This is a large and amorphous category and there isn’t a lot in common between some of these blogs other than they are written by Christians.  I actually read more blogs than I will list here, but some are of of restricted interest or post so rarely that I won’t give them a mention. One other thing to note is that why I come from a generally Reformed/Evangelical tradition, many of the blogs I read are from the more liberal wing of the church. There are a couple of reasons for this, partly I read blogs to be challenged, not to have my presuppositions reinforced and secondly, I find that too many of the Reformed blogs are needlessly confrontational and aggressive. I don’t need raised blood pressure with my morning coffee.

Better Bibles Blog: a year ago I would have said that this was a must read blog, but I must admit I find myself skipping many of their posts these days. But it remains the place to look if you are interested in English Bible translation. I notice that they have dropped us from their blogroll – a bit of a cheek.

Gentle Wisdom: Peter Kirk is constantly thought provoking and interesting on a range of topics.

Ben Witherington: Ben’s blog combines film reviews, bad jokes, travelogues and serious insights into Scripture and the Christian life. It’s well worth a read.

Scott McKnight: Scott is the most prolific blogger in this category. He is under the mistaken impression that Baseball and American football are sports, but otherwise his blog is well worth a read. For me, the highlights are the indepth book reviews. Another place for good book reviews and recently a lot of discussion on the origins of life is Threads from Henry’s Web.

Perhaps the blog discovery of the year for me is Doug Chaplin’s Metacatholic. Subtitled Reading Scripture in a Post-Thingy World, Doug’s blog takes a very serious and through provoking look at the Bible. I don’t always agree with his churchmanship or his take on Scripture, but you have to take him seriously – Doug is a great writer.

My friend Phil Prior started blogging rather hesitantly this year, but over the last few months he has started to gather steam and posts some interesting stuff about how the church projects itself to the wider world. Another friend, David Couchman blogs (too rarely) on issues about the church and modern culture.

I read a good selection of blogs which fit into the general theme of missional church, each of these has different strengths: Tall Skinny Kiwi, Real Meal Blog, Forgotten Ways, Backyard Missionary, Reclaiming the Mission and Tim Chester’s blog are the ones that I’d highlight in this area.

I often find some stimulating thoughts in Dave Warnock’s blog and Ruth Gledhill of the Times is also good value, lastly (though certainly not leastly) in this category, Transforming Sermons regularly provides a short but interesting item to read.

There are quite a few more blogs that I do follow, plenty of others that I should follow and a few which I refuse to follow – but these are the main ones that occupy my time.

This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no longer be valid. Things change on the web and it is impossible for us to keep up to date with everything.

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eddie, maybe you and your readers would enjoy reading the new book: Brown Like Coffee..I found it at

I loved it.

Ouch. Well, I should admit that there is a reason for less than inspired writing on my part. I am up to too many other things these days. As to why you were dropped from our sidebar – I have no idea, I will ask about that.

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