The Centrality of Mission

I’m generally allergic to articles on mission which are based on Matthew 28. It seems to me that we often concentrate on the few well know verses of The Great Commission and miss out the wider teaching of Scripture. However, I’m willing to make an exception in the case of this excellent article by Brian Russell. I particularly like his bit on Scripture.

Shaped by Scripture. The third leg of making disciples involves teaching everything that I commanded you. Disciples are mandated to instruct and shape the ethos of th ecommunity to reflect the teachings of Jesus. Disciples access the teachings of and about Jesus through the Scriptures. This is a point where serious reflection and reformation is needed today. Scripture is to be transformative, but too often the study of Scripture become merely a transfer of information or facts about the Bible. The mark of a mature Christian is how much a person knows about the Bible apart from how well a person’s life reflects the Scriptures. Ironically, this has led some leaders to de-emphasize the study of Scriputre in some cases or in others to base the interpretation of Scripture on the personal experiences of the reader. neither of these options is faithful to the message of Matthew 28.

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