What is God Doing?

Some thoughts on God’s providence…

At lunchtime today, Sue texted me. It was the first time I’d heard from here in three or four days and I was starting to get worried. It’s funny how the increase in communication has made it easier to get more concerned – there have been times when we’ve been out of contact for much longer periods but we didn’t worry then because we didn’t expect to be in contact. Anyway, it was what Sue said that really got me thinking. (I’ve probably got a few facts wrong, but Sue can clear those up when she posts.) The main Tandrooy translator that she’s travelled all the way out to Madagascar to work with is not, in fact, available to work with her for two weeks – only one. So Sue has gone all that way for two and a half weeks in order to do two weeks of checking, but will only do one week of work. Let’s just say that neither of us are very enthusiastic about that. But, now that she’s in Madagascar, Sue has to find something to do and as she mentioned in her last post, she has made a trip to Bara land. While she was in Bara country two things happened:

  • Sue heard a car with a loudspeaker advertising a showing of the Jesus film in Bara. After working on this for a number of years, it’s a real encouragement to Sue (and me – and you…) to know that the film is being used.

Edited to add this from an email from Sue. “As I texted you, they were announcing the showing of the Jesus film in Ihosy. They charged a small entrance fee and the church was packed out! Manonjo has sold nearly 30 copies on VCD and practically every Bara I met said they had seen the film and thought it was really good.”

    • Sue was also able to visit a Bara friend who had just suffered a real family tragedy and bring some measure of encouragement. There is never much you can do in these situations, but to have a visitor from outside turn up at such a turn is comforting at a stressful time.

    So, Sue is spending a week longer away from home than she needs to, but she has been encouraged to see the Jesus film being used and has been able to bring some comfort to a suffering colleague. If she had known that she would only be able to do translation checking for a week she would have come home a week earlier and would have missed out on some things. God does move in mysterious ways and I’m still trying to work it all out.

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