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As you know, Sue works on projects in Madagascar which aim to translate the Gospel of Luke and the Jesus film script into languages which don’t yet have any of the BIble. This is part of a movement to translate the Jesus film into as many languages as possible (see the full list here). However, while this is an amazing effort to make the Scriptures available in visual form around the world, it has to be admitted that the Jesus film has aged much more rapidly than most written Bible translations do and now looks rather old fashioned. Updating the film by reshooting it might be possible though it would cost a fortune – and all of the different language scripts would need to be re-recorded. So one concept is to remake the film in Japanese cartoon – anime – style. This four minute video illustrates the concept.

There is a survey you can take after watching the video that will help the group evaluate the project, so please go along and fill it in. For my own part, I think this is a very interesting project and I’d like to see it push ahead. I actually prefer the use of cartoons to live actors for retelling Scripture and I do like the fact that dubbing into other languages would be far easier with the anime than it is with live action. The people working on this would like lots of feedback, so do make sure you point people to it.

If you need a reminder how the live action film looks, here is a slice of Luke 4 in Bara from Madagascar.

Hat Tip: Think Christian.

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Looks good to me, lots of potential. For me “The Miracle Maker” was always better than many of the real actor Jesus films. Although initially you think it looks odd, you get into it. It means your imagination has to work better, so is more powerful in my view. I found the same with this. I never felt I could use “The Jesus Film” in schools in the UK, but I think it would be possible to use this more. Keep us posted with developments.

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