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There is an interesting article on the Lausanne World Pulse website entitled: ‘The Luke Partnership: A First Step in Evangelism, Church Planting and Discipleship.’ The Luke Partnership is a joint project of The Seed Company (a Wycliffe Bible Translators affiliate), the Jesus Film Project and SIL International.

Regular readers of the blog will know that I am one of the consultant/trainers involved in The Luke Partnership in Madagascar, one of the first projects to be set up. For me, one of the most exciting things about these partnerships is not just the collaboration of these different organisations but also the way they bring together the people on the ground to work together: the language community, the local churches, as well as other missions and agencies.

These Partnerships, which are now going ahead in several African and Asian countries, have often been the vehicle for people groups to experience their very first ‘taste’ of Scripture in their own language:

‘In many cases, the Luke Partnership brings the first scriptures in their mother tongue to a group of people. The JESUS film is certainly the first film in their language, which obviously creates a lot of interest. For many of these people, the literacy rate is low, so the film helps bring them the message of Christ in a way they can understand…. The film generates excitement for the believers because now they have a tool that will draw attention, whether in a large crowd or in a private showing, so there is new interest in evangelism. Often this carries over to a nearby language group. The church leaders in that group then want these tools for their people as well. Church planting impact is similar. The scripture and film help to open doors and reveal the “ripe fruit.” If there was no church, in many cases one has started.’

After this first ‘taste’ of Scripture, following completion of the original goals of translating the gospel of Luke, the script of the Jesus Film and maybe some Old Testament passages, a number of Luke Partnership projects have gone on to become full-scale translation projects.

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