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Lausanne World Pulse: Jan 09

The latest edition of the Lausanne World Pulse is out and has some very well worthwhile articles. The introductory piece has this lovely story:

Through Alpha leaders, I learned of a Chinese woman (PhD student studying in the U.S.) who agreed to attend an Alpha course. An atheist, she nevertheless attended each week. After each meeting, she called her mother in China and told her what she had heard about Christianity. The woman continued in unbelief and was shocked that when she called her mother after week five of the course that her mother had become a Christ follower. The atheist daughter simply reporting the gospel story to her mother was used by God to save her mother! Now, both mother and daughter follow Jesus.

I’d encourage everyone to have a read of Mark Oxbrow’s piece on  majority world missions:

In one city in the Arabian Peninsula, an Ethiopian pastor trains every one of his church members as a missionary.There are thirty-five thousand Ethiopians working in that country; ninety-six percent of them are young, female, domestic workers living on a few dollars a week. The Christians among them come (like every other young Ethiopian woman working in that country) hoping to send home a little money to support their families. They discover, however, that God has placed them in a key mission context.

In just eleven months these young women have taken the JESUS film and Arabic New Testaments into eight hundred Arab homes where they are able to share the film with children and read the Bible with their mothers. Sadly, these women (who are actively engaged in evangelism in one of the most closed mission contexts in the world) will never appear in any statistics of “foreign missionaries.” They will attract little prayer or financial support from Minority World (Western) churches so concerned to “reach the unreached.” (read more)

If you are involved in Mission recruiting or training, then this article will be of interest.

It is definitely worth subscribing to World Pulse. There is always lots of good content and I don’t always remember to blog about it.

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