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A Surprisingly bald meeting facilitator takes notes
In the afternoons over the last week I’ve been leading a group of Bible Translation Organisation leaders through a technique called Appreciative Inquiry. The idea is to start off by working out what it is that encourages you and gives you energy and then developing a strategic plan based on those things. One of the things that really surprised me was that the group identified the fact that Bible translation draws Christians of different denominations and backgrounds together as being a basis for building future plans. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that BT is something around which Christians can unite, but it was surprising to see the force with which this emerged from our discussions. The picture above is of me taking notes as discussion groups reported back (some in English, some in French).

Where your morining cuppa comes from

The centre where we are meeting is in the highlands above Nairobi. It’s at about 7,000 feet which means that there is a good deal less oxygen in the air than you would wish for normally. I went for a run this morning and after a mile or so I felt pretty bad. It gives me an excuse to stay in bed tomorrow. Being this high up means that tea grows really well and there are very attractive tea fields all around the centre. The tea grows in low bushes which are very close together and all of an even height. From a distance, it looks like a lawn and it is only when you get close up that you realise that the ‘lawn’ is sitting two feet off the ground.

Somewhat higher off the ground are these giraffes, which I saw in Nakuru game reserve at the weekend. The park is about two hours from here and on Saturday morning, my supervisors; Gary and Glenys, and I drove over there staying overnight and returning on Sunday. Believe it or not, we did get a fair bit of work done on the trip, including sorting out much of my diary for the next year, but we also got to see a lot of wonderful wildlife. I love being involved in Bible translation, but there is always that little bit of me that is a biologist!

Giraffes in Nakuru Park

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