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“All peoples will be blessed through you,” (Gen 12:3) God promised Abraham—that is, through Christ—and through us, as we deliver this message! But how can 200 million people in 2,393 language groups still without the
Scriptures enjoy God’s blessing? God gave Wycliffe a vision in 1999: Bible translation started in every language
by 2025. The good news is that 641 new projects have started since 1999, and this year work by all agencies is in progress in 1,998 languages with 1.2 billion speakers. In order to reach the rest, we are continually exploring ways to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of our work, including working in language clusters.

This means a team sharing responsibility for a whole group of languages. This issue of Words for Life introduces two clusters, one in Tanzania, one in Cameroon, which belong to the wider Bantu family. Fourteen million people in 17 countries between the Sahara and South Africa speak one of 250 Bantu languages that do not have the Scriptures. Several agencies are working together on strategies and resources that will facilitate work on all Bantu languages.

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