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Missiology and Bible Translation

Kirk Franklin the Director of Wycliffe Australia has written a series of interesting articles on missiology and Bible translation which are available online. As far as I can tell, there is no index page which links to all of the articles at once – though an archive is promised. You have to go to the first article and then work your way through the articles one at a time.

There is a lot of interesting content in the papers and they are well worth reading. I’ve got a slight quibble with a number of the papers which seem to be using missiology to explain why we do what we do, rather than using a missiological approach to drive the agenda.  I would love to see missiological thinking being used to challenge the status quo, rather than to support it. However, this is a small complaint and I strongly recomend Kirk’s papers to you.

I’ve posted a couple of essays which I have written for my MTh course online if anyone is interested. They cover similar issues to the ones Kirk raises. They were written specifically to fulfill the requirements of the course, rather than for general consumption and don’t always scratch where I think we are itching.

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