A Good Saturday

This is the first weekend for ages that I’ve not been travelling or speaking somewhere, so I’m determined to enjoy my couple of days off. Today started inauspiciously when I woke up at five am and couldn’t get back to sleep. The jet lag from Bangladesh is taking a long time to clear.

I eventually got up at about six and did nothing much for a few hours. We had been intending to go to ASDA to do our Christmas shopping first thing, but somehow that never happened. Around, nine thirty I donned lots of layers, my tracksuit bottoms, and two pairs of socks with my running shoes and headed out for a run with Bassam. It was absolutely magical. Cold on the toes, perhaps and I suffered from not running for a couple of weeks, but it was lovely. The photos should show you why.

I didn’t feel up to my normal Saturday route, and cut things a bit short. Running in the snow was harder work than I expected and even the dog seemed keen to get home after a while. You can trace my route here if you are interested (though the version online was from a day when there was no snow and I wasn’t stopping to take pictures).

This afternoon, I finally got round to making our Christmas cake. I know that it is far too late, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to do it. I worked in the kitchen to the sound of a seventies rock playlist, which seemed to keep both Sue and the dog out of the room for some reason. With the cake in the oven, I made up a batch of hummus. I love the way that know matter how carefully I follow the recipe, hummus never turns out the same way twice. This one seems pretty good.

After a cup of tea and a finishing this blog post, I’ll roast a couple of aubergines and make a bowl of baba ganouche. Later this evening, we’ll sit down with some pitta bread and tuck into the dips while watching the final of Strictly Come Dancing. All in all, a good Saturday. Now, if only Sunderland can win!

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