A Tale of Two Blunders

You may have noticed that there is a football competition going on at the moment. Last night, England played against the United States; for me and thousands of others the game was an affair of two big mistakes. Firstly, ITV cut away to adverts and I missed the England goal, then the England goalie made a major blunder allowing the US to score.

However, the thing that really interests me isn’t the mistakes. These things happen; even to top class sportsmen and big broadcasting organisations. I am fascinated by the response of those making the mistakes.

Understandably, Robert Green, the English goalie has not yet said anything to the press, but Fabio Capello, the manager said:

Sometimes defenders make mistakes, sometimes keepers make mistakes,” said Capello said. “The ball moves a lot. In the second half Robert Green played very well, but the mistake remains a mistake. We played a good match, created chances, but the result was not OK.

The best that ITV could come up with, however, was to mention that there had been an “interruption in the coverage”. They couldn’t bring themselves to mention that thousands of people missed one of the most dramatic sporting moments in years. The England football team hardly covered themselves in glory last night, but they come out of the evening far better than ITV!

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2 replies on “A Tale of Two Blunders”

Wow, you missed the England goal because of commercials? Sounds like something a US network would do. (But ABC didn’t do it, I saw it. Nice goal, really better than ours if I must say so).

Only those on ITV HD missed it. I missed it because I was looking away from the screen at the time. I can’t find anyone else to blame apart from myself though. However I did give myself a full and frank apology.

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