At Times Like These….

One of the things I have to do every now and then, is write financial appeal letters for Wycliffe Bible Translators; asking for money, in other words. Generally, this is not something we Brits find very comfortable, but I must admit that I am excited about what God is doing around the world through Bible translation and I believe that if people get involved through giving, or praying, or some other way, they, too, will get excited. It is a blessing to give. Anyway, here is the text of our latest fund raising letter.

It’s been a rough few months around the world; wild fires in Russia, famine in Niger and the terrible floods in Pakistan. It sometimes seems as though there is a new disaster every day and as Christians we want to do what we can to help and contribute to the relief effort.

With so much urgent need in so many parts of the world, it may seem strange that I am writing to you asking you to  support Bible Translation. It hardly seems the most practical thing at a time like this.

Actually, I believe that the need for Bible translation becomes even more urgent when the world is going through such troubling times. After all, it is in the Bible that we find how Job lost everything and screamed at God for an explanation, how the Israelites were put to the sword, how God led His people through famine, sickness and genocide. The Bible gives us a framework to understand the suffering and distress which is so much a part of life on our troubled planet. Not only that, but in the Bible we find that God himself suffered injustice and pain on the cross and that through it he brought new hope for the future.

Wycliffe works to bring the Bible and basic education to the marginalised people groups of this world; the people most at risk from famine, flood and disease. God has not forgotten the people of Pakistan, Niger and Russia and he wants to  speak to them through His word – as he wants to speak to all of us.

This leaflet describes something of how God is enabling Wycliffe to bring His word to those without it. I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope it makes you glad to be a part of what we do.

In Christ,


If you would like to consider making a donation to the work of Wycliffe, you can do so here.

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Recieved copy of mailing in post this week. Very impressed. As Mark says above – nice leaflet and good letter Eddie. Trust that God will use it to move people to give. Look forward to hearing what sort of response we get in due course.

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