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Up until now there have basically been two ways to find discussion about English language Bible Translations. There are numerous discussion groups in which people who apparently don’t actually know much about translation share their opinions at great length and without a great deal of accuracy. And then there is the Better Bibles Blog, where people who do really do know a great deal about Bible translation share their opinions at great length!

Now, the good people at Bible Gateway (which along with Amazon, Google and Kouya Chronicle is my favourite website) have launched a translation discussion blog called Perspectives in Translation: A Discussion of English Bible Versions. Given that Better Bibles already covers this ground rather thoroughly, I’m not sure what the new site will actually bring that is new. Then again, it is good to have another sane discussion ground for translation issues. Given that this new blog has the weight of Bible Gateway behind it, I suspect it will soon start to attract more attention than BBB. I would view this as a shame, because one of the great strengths of BBB is that a significant number of the regular contributers have practical experience translating the Bible into languages other than English. The English speaking world can be incredibly parochial and having voices from outside is very worthwhile.

While on the subject, I am aware that there are other blogs which deal with translation issues: God Didn’t Say That, being one of the most notable. But these tend to be single author offerings and don’t have the richness of BBB. Though they are very worthwhile.

In passing, I noticed that if you sing the title of this blog post correctly, you can make it fit to the tune of The Who’s most famous song. Time for a rewrite, anyone?

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3 replies on “Talking About Bible Translation”

I agree that it’s unfortunate, and a little surprising, that Bible Gateway’s new blog doesn’t even mention BBB.

And thanks for mentioning my site. (Incidentally, while I author the posts, I try to foster a broad range of opinions and perspectives in the comments.)


Hi Joel,

Thanks for your comment and for your postings on the BIbleGateway blog. I do appreciate that you work hard to give a breadth of views on your site. This is reflected in the fact that I’ve quoted you more than I have BBB over the last year.

Thanks, Eddie for the plug of BBB. I am also a fan of Joel’s blog. I have really enjoyed the posts that have come out on the Bible Gateway blog. You’ve got some really smart people writing with a lot of experience behind them. There doesn’t seem to be much discussion at this point. But that may change.

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