The Bible as Scripture

I take the claim, the Bible as Scripture to refer to a theological stance whereby we recognize that we are the people of God to whom these texts are addressed. This leads us to the realization that the fundamental transformation that must take place is not the transformation of an ancient message into a contemporary meaning but rather the transformation of our lives by means of God’s Word. This means that reading the Bible as Scripture has less to do with what tools we bring to the task, however important these may be, and more to do with our own dispositions as we come to our engagement with Scripture. Scripture does not present us with texts to be mastered but with a Word, God’s Word, intent on mastering us, on shaping our lives.

Joel Green from Narrative Reading, Narrative Preaching: Reuniting New Testament Interpretation and Proclamation page 23.

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That might be a book for my Christmas list! I’m doing a module on Biblical Interpretation at the moment, but in the long run want it to inform my preaching and leading. Thanks for the quote.

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