The Western evangelical church, in contrast to its counterpart in the global South, has had a fatal attraction to contemporary consumer culture and made a fateful alliance with it. The attractions is not unlike the one the people and kings of ancient Israel had with the Asherahs and the Balls. Like ancient Israel’s subtle entanglement with the local pagan cults, many evangelical Christians, including many postmodern adherents, have seen the power of the gospel dwindle in their lives and their churches because they have gone whoring after the false gods of spiritual and material consumption. Just as the ancient worshipers at Jewish shrines could not differentiate between worship of the one God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and local fertility rites, contemporary Christians frequently fail to distinguish between worship as self-surrender and as self-gratification.

From GloboChrist: The Great Commission Takes a Postmodern Turn (Church and Postmodern Culture) p. 107

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