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A Brief Hiatus

You may have noticed that things have been rather quiet on the Kouya Chronicle front of late. This isn’t because the blog has closed but rather because Sue and I have just enjoyed a fantastic couple of weeks on the Isle of Skye. I’ve always been convinced that nowhere on earth could be as beautiful as the Lake District; now I’m not so sure – Skye might just beat it even in the wind and the rain.

  • Quote of the holiday – “you wouldn’t believe it was June, would you!” Said at regular intervals on most days.
  • Bird of the holiday – despite seeing golden eagles, sea eagles and puffins, the noisy, quarrelsome oyster catchers were the most interesting birds that we saw. Absolutely wonderful things.
  • Bonnie Speed Boat – (did you see what I did there?). The only really sunny day we had was spent with Aquaxplore on a rather fast boat going from island to island. We saw porpoises, a basking shark and a marvellous pod of dolphins. Fantastic.
  • Bog of the Holiday – look at the photos!
  • Restaurant of the Holiday – the cottage we were staying in was owned by the proprietors of Creelers in Broadford. If you are ever on Skye, you should make sure that you have dinner there. The seafood is wonderful!

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By the way, I have a theory on why the blogs that have recently closed have done so. One day, I may be brave enough to share it.

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