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The Global Shift in Mission

The latest edition of the BMS Catalyst is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in Christian mission or the growth of the Church around the world.

“The Church of the global South is vibrant, growing and increasingly confident in its identity, whilst the Church of the West is in large measure much weaker than it was.” 

(David Kerrigan, BMS General Director)

So, what does this mean for mission? This issue of Mission Catalyst explores this theme with features articles about:

  • A mission message to BMS workers in training
  • Lessons to be learnt from African Christians in the UK
  • Authentic partnerships between the Church in the global South and in the North
  • Thinking about Western dominance in world mission – and a need for renewal
  • Reverse-flow mission: how can the UK Church effectively receive mission workers from other countries?

Add to this two pages of essential facts and statistics, a Bible reflection and the latest book reviews, and this issue of Catalyst gives you the basis of what you need to lead a service, study or small group on theme of the global shift of mission.

If you want more on this issue, you could read my paper on the Christian Centre of Gravity or listen to my talk on Western Dominance in Mission.


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