How We View The Bible

… Western Christians have traditionally emphasized the doctrine of sin and grace and handled it as if it were the whole Bible story. In contrast, liberation theology in Latin America has focused on issues of God’s love for the poor and his concern for social justice, while African and Filipino theologies often concentrate on God as Lord over the spirit world. In fact no one of these emphases, on its own, is adequate to describe what the Bible is about. We all need to become aware of our particular blind spots. Otherwise we will neglect the unfailing richness of Scripture and its power to address all of life.

From The Seed and the Soil: Engaging with the Word of God   by Pauline Hogarth (p. 45). Do yourself a favour and buy it.

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[…] Pauline Hoggarth has divided her life between the UK and Latin America and has evidently spent a good deal of her life in multi-cultural contexts. This brings a depth of understanding to the book that is missing from many books about the Bible which are written from a purely Western contxt. This is vividly illustrated in a quote I posted a few days ago. […]

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