Bible and Mission Links 13


Last time round, I pointed to a post on apologetics by Simon Cozens; Mark has picked up on Simon’s theme and fleshed it out a bit further. This is an important dialogue and it would be good to see more people entering in to it. It would be especially good to see a response from some of the proponents of apologetics who read Kouya Chronicle.


Having mentioned Simon, I should mention his post on theological identity. Once again, he asks very important questions and comes up with intriguing and challenging answers.

Missiologically, we’re encouraged to contextualize and be “all things to all people”. Now then, it’s all well and good trying to contextualize the gospel to Japan, but Japan’s 120 million people and they’re all different: not just in their social groupings but in their personalities, values and everything else. If contextualization is an implicit admission that one size of church tradition does not fit all, is it not the natural next step that one size of theology does not fit all either?

Meanwhile, Antony Billington continues to provide reviews of just about every theological book, magazine and website that anyone could ever be interested in, including the latest edition of themelios.

Bible Translation

If my experience of life on the mission field is anything to go by, then missionaries spend an inordinate amount of time talking about toilets. In this spirit, Ed Lauber, somehow manages to get both Bible translation and toilets into a blog post, which is rather impressive.

The languages of the world are not a problem, they are God’s vehicles given to each people to “save” them in all kinds of ways. So my focus has expanded. Bible translation is still at the center, but I now work with churches and language communities on all kinds of stuff they want to change wherever the heart language can have its powerful transformative effect even if that has to do with toilets and hygiene.

The Gospel Coalition has an little piece on some of the controversies involved in English translations, which may be of interest to some.


The Bible and Mission blog quotes Chris Wright on the subject of whether or not Jonah was a missionary.

It is interesting and informative to compare and contrast the response to Jonah to the word of divine judgment on a pagan nation with that of Abraham. Commissioned to proclaim Nineveh’s doom, Jonah ran away and jumped in a boat, alleging later that he had done so precisely because he suspected that YHWH would revert to type and show compassion. Informed of God’s intention to investigate the outcry from Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham jumps to intercession and finds YHWH prepared to be even more merciful than he initially bargained for.

Bible and Mission also has an interesting quote from Baukham on the subject of the Gospel and cultural identity.

Phil confronts some of the frustrations that those of us in the Charity sector feel when other charities with a higher profile dominate the airwaves, while Good Intentions looks at some of the humiliations suffered by those who are in receipt of charity.


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