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Church Lender

Being of a thrifty frame of mind, I was interested to come across this new service.

Churchlender has been set up as a non-profit website to enable churches and Christian individuals to contact each other in order to share resouces. Apart from the biblical principles behind sharing, there are a number of practical advantages to working together:

  • Financial outgoings are reduced enabling resources to be allocated elsewhere
  • Interdenominational relationships are established – wouldn’t it be great if a relationship which started over the loan of a tea urn led to a multi-church mission in an area?!
  • The church as a whole consumes less resources which has an environmental benefit.

Please note the following:

  • Churchlender exists merely to enable groups/individuals to contact each other. No responsiblilty or liabilty is accepted for any transactions that occur once contact is made.

Sounds like a good thing to me. While on the subject of things thrifty, Paul Shaddick has just posted about a scheme to save money using Quidco.

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