Things Coming Together

As readers of this blog (both of you) will know, there are two areas of Christian ministry which really fascinate me. The first is my day job, as it were, Bible Translation in Africa. The other is the whole area of what it means to be a missional church in the post-modern world.

I was very pleased, recently, to come across an organisation who are looking at Church life in Africa through missional eyes and seeking to discover how they can go about building truly indigenous disciples and communities in post-colonial Africa. One of their key points is the need to work in African languages, not the languages of the colonial powers. This is good stuff. Take a look at the Amahoro Africa site. The reports on the recent Amahoro conference make good reading and I hope that I’ll manage to get to their next gathering this time next year.

One exciting part of this initiative is that we know Claude Nikondeha the leader of the Amahoro meeting. Though rather strangely, we did not meet him in Africa – Sue met him on a course in the South of England.

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