Bible Translation: Its Place in History

If it were necessary to find a single turning point symbolizing the movement of Christianity from the North to the South, a good candidate might be the founding of Wycliffe Bible Translators…

… The translation of the Scriptures, in turn, may be the most enduringly significant feature of the global expansion of Christianity that has been taking place since the start of the nineteenth century.

Mark Noll; Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity (p.308). As a Bible translator, I’m not surprised that Mark Noll sees the founding of Wycliffe as such a pivotal event in the history of the Church in the last 100 years or so. I am constantly amazed at the wonderful, world-changing work that my colleagues are involved in all across the globe.

In the UK, we get so tied up with our own affairs, so wrapped up in the mundane, that we lose sight of the amazing historic age we are living in. Across the world, this is the most exciting time in history to be a Christian and Bible translation is right at the heart of this amazing work of God.

Open your eyes and see what He is doing!

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