There was a time in the mid nineteen nineties where we wanted to phone home from Ivory Coast. At that time we were living in Gouabafla and the nearest phone was about forty minutes drive away. Unfortunately the nearest phone didn’t work and after a number of abortive trips to town, we eventually gave up and made the 270 mile drive to Abidjan – all for one phone call.

These days, communication is a lot easier and when I’m away from home I can contact Sue by email, text message, Facebook or best of all, Skype.¬† It is great using Skype either for typing discussion or for free computer to computer phone calls. Emails seem positively antidiluvean by comparison. But today, Skype isn’t working (details here) and we are having to use text messages and emails which seem so clumsy. It’s good to remind myself that there was a time when we spend 8 hours in the car in order to make one phone call – things really aren’t that bad today after all.

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