Cranmer: The Genocide of Assyrian Christians

Cranmer has an interesting piece on the plight of the indigenous Christian population of Iraq.

It is perhaps one of the great ironies of the whole Iraq debacle that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair – two of the most avowedly Christian leaders of recent times – should have created a situation which has not only destabilised the entire region, but imperils the very existence of Assyrian Christians. In the liberation of the majority Shi’ia from their Sunni oppressors, the Christians, who once lived and worshipped freely under the regime of Saddam Hussain, now face genocide in their own country at the hands of determined Islamist fanatics.

At the close of our week long session today, the director gave a short devotional from Ephesians 6, which was is a good addendum to Cranmer’s article. In Ephesians Paul points out that our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with the unseen forces of darkness. Islam, and Muslims are not our enemy, but the devil, the one who holds Muslims under his sway is the one who opposes us.

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