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No Edwins in the Bible!

When Cassius Clay converted to Islam, he changed his name to Muhammed Ali. When Steven Demetre Georgiou became a Muslim, he stopped calling himself Cat Stevens and became Yusuf Islam. 

This isn’t news, we are used to the fact that converts adopt Islamic names, dress or hair style.

So, why don’t I have an Aramaic name and why don’t I dress in first century Jewish garb?

One of the central facts about Christianity is that it is a ‘translatable religion’. This doesn’t just mean that we can translate the Bible, it also means that Christianity can be genuinely expressed in every language and culture on the planet. In other words, you can be an authentic Christian without adopting the language and culture of Jesus.

It is God, in Christ, who crosses into our world.

A Christian can even stick with an old English name like Edwin, which certainly isn’t found in the Bible.

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