Various Things

This is another of those heading-off-in-different-directions days. Dave is in Bristol, Sam in Southampton, Sue in Madagascar and tonight I fly to Kenya for a staff meeting. Unfortunately, the taxi driver thought I was flying this morning and came to pick me up at four am!

In the mean time, this video about Ivory Coast gives hope that the political situation will get sorted out. The shots of a car mechanic are wonderful, I’ve often seen our car getting fixed in places like that.

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‘ey up Eddie ‘n Sue – greetings from “the north” – congratulations on your nomination … might yet have to call you Sir!! sorry can’t vote for you (resigned last year :]} – Joshua says that’s the symbol for a smiley face with a beard) am now in the land of the secular workforce. look forward to welcoming you to the ancient civilisation of Eborcorum (York) when you do your victory tour. Seriously though, I’m sure you’ll do a great job, and hope you’ll come our way at some point. take care Sally-Ann etc.

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