From Sue’s weekend foray into a lemur park.

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Ahh – the sifaka, my favourite! Was this in Tana? I saw 3 sorts of lemur in the Isalo park, near Ranohira (ie miles from anywhere!) Amazing creatures – thanks for that.

Hope you are over your malaria Rob. Don’t get much time off during workshops but it was great to visit this fairly new lemur park 45 mins out of Tana. When did you go to the Isalo? I was really excited to get to go there for a day last year. I was working with a translation team in Fianarantsoa. When they unexpectedly weren’t available for the 2nd week I decided it was my opportunity to get to see the Bara area and went to visit one of the translators who is from Ranohira. It was so good to meet Bara folk who were excited about having the Jesus Film in their language!

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