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Literary Bible Translation

There has been discussion about the nature of Bible translation circulating on a number of my favourite blogs of late. However, despite the light and heat which it has generated, I’ve found myself somewhat unmoved by the whole thing. Perhaps I’m getting old, or just plain lazy. It’s also true that the further I get from personal involvement in a translation project, the less I am able to motivate myself to think about the technicalities of how translation is done. I am much more interested in the theological questions of why we do translation in the first place: a subject which gets far less attention in the blogsphere – though it is one which to my mind is far less understood than the technical ones.

However, in order to give my faithful reader(s) a glimpse of what is going on in translation debates, I thought I’d point you to this post by John Hobbins which gives a number of links to the debate which numerous blogs have picked up on. Apart from denying that Lingamish is a bonehead, his post is well worth a read.

This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no longer be valid. Things change on the web and it is impossible for us to keep up to date with everything.

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