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Theology and Bible Translation

For the last week or so, I’ve been meaning to write something more substantial in response to the comments about theological bias in Bible Translation which were raised by my recent post on translation and unity. However, in the interim, Mike Sangrey has placed an excellent post on his blog Exegetitor which covers the same ground – and probably better than I would have done.

To give you a feeling for his post, here is a quote:

First, let’s get the right foundation in place. The Bible is the book that accurately, authoritatively, and effectively deals with questions such as, who is God?, who is the individual?, who are human beings?, what is my purpose?, what is our purpose?, how did everything begin?, how is it going to end?, and many other … ummmmm …theological …questions.

So, the Bible is theology. One can’t separate theology from the Bible.

Mike promises to post more on the same subject, so it will be worth following this one.

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How great to find your blog. I can tell it is way more seriosu than mine, but then you always were the serious guy at all those AFA meetings we sat through together. When are you coming to Orlando again? Will you be at the GLM in Chiang Mai this Novemeber?

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