And Another One!

Yes, just what we have all been waiting for, a brand new translation of the Bible into English; the Modern English Version.

Archdruid Eileen greets this landmark publication with underwhelming enthusiasm:

I can believe the scholars wanted a new version. A scholar wanting a new Bible translation is like a lawyer wanting more laws. That’s dinner for the next three years, right there, is a new Bible translation.

And I’m not surprised the Publisher wanted a new version. A new version is a marketing opportunity. Among the MEV versions offered is a “SpiritLed Woman Bible“. It will “complement any woman seeking to develop a more intimate relationship with God.” I don’t know what’s more queasy – the use of the word “complement”, implying that the Bible is an accessory a man should get when he’s chosen the right woman in his life – or the implication that a Bible becomes a “Woman” Bible when you put a flower on its cover. 

And did we really need one? Just (about) in my lifetime, we’ve had the NIV, TNIV, RSV, NRSV, Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, NKJV, Living, GNB, WEB, NET, Message, REB….. strewth, there’s barely a set of initials left ending in “V” or “B” that doesn’t have a Bible attached to it.

You can read the whole blog post here (and don’t forget to take the advice in the last paragraph).

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