Books I Have Read: The Mission of God

A quick plug for a very good book. Did I mention that it is free?

There are two essential things you need to know about this book. It is free and it is excellent. Everything else I say about it will be a variation on those themes.

The Mission of God is an ebook (pdf or epub) which can be downloaded from this link.

At around 100 pages, it isn’t a long read, but it packs a lot in. With one or two exceptions, the chapters are only a page or so long, so it’s a relatively easy read. The theme of the book is the way in which God’s mission is revealed through the Scriptures, with different authors covering subjects as diverse as the resurrection and the minor prophets.

In total, there are something like 45 separate chapters in the book. This means that, none of the subjects are covered in great depth. However, the value of this book is in the breadth of its coverage rather than an in an exhaustive examination of one or two issues.

It is impossible to find representative quotes from a book which covers as much ground as this one, so I won’t even try. Let me just say that I can’t conceive of any reason why you wouldn’t download this and read it. Did I mention it is free?

If I wanted to be picky, I could point to a few bits that I disagree with and a few emphases that I am uncomfortable with, but life is too short.

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Quoth Eddie: “At around pages, it isn’t a long read…”.
Which for some reason reminds me of 1 Samuel 13:1. 🙂

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