I could have written this…

This morning I was woken at 3am by a text message from my cab company who I had booked to meet me off the plane tomorrow. The driver was at Heathrow and was wondering where I was. I had given them the wrong day! Aaaaagh.

I went back to bed then convinced myself I must have also booked the flight for yesterday. So I got up again, checked the paperwork and it said Feb 9. In my delerium I thought that was yesterday so started to ring Virgin to beg for a seat today – it was only then that I realised Feb 9 was indeed today. So I went back to bed and then of course couldn’t sleep.

From Iain Dale’s Diary

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Phew. For a minute I thought you had written that. And I was questioning the sanity of those Brits who elected you. Actually, I do question their sanity but am grateful for the entertainment that will no doubt result from having you in the big chair.

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