The God of Bible Translation

By | March 25, 2008

If you can face looking at me for so long, you can watch a thirty minute (ish) video of a talk I gave for the staff of Wycliffe UK earlier this month. The official blurb says:

Eddie speaks about the essence of God’s character as Father, Son and Spirit, and how Bible Translation is a natural outworking of his character on earth.

For some reason, Firefox will start to play this automatically (even though it shouldn’t) sorry about that but it’s a bug in Firefox, not our fault! If you would rather download the file to watch later use this link (right click and save).

For more on the Trinitarian nature of God, you might enjoy this talk on Dave Burke’s website.

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3 thoughts on “The God of Bible Translation

  1. Chris

    It started playing in my Internet Explorer too. You look lovely. Can’t hear what your saying though

  2. Chris

    Should probably add that’s because my sound is muted in this quiet office, not because it doesn’t work.

  3. Eddie Post author

    My fault with IE – but I fixed it!

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