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Moral Climate Change and Freedom of Speech: Bishop NT Wright

Last week Tom Wright gave an excellent speech in the House of Lords which did not seem to receive any publicity at the time. I have to admit that the speech is rather dense (I had to read it twice) but it is a good example of a Christian engaging with pressing social issues.

  • The nineteen-sixties and nineteen-seventies swept away the old moral certainties, and anyone who tries to reassert them risks being mocked as an ignoramus or scorned as a hypocrite. But since then we’ve learned that you can’t run the world as a hippy commune. Getting rid of the old moralities hasn’t made us happier or a safer. We have discovered that we do indeed need some guidelines if chaos is not to come again. But once the foundations have been eroded, where will you find firm ground on which to build new moral fences?…
  • Whose freedom are we talking about, anyway? Notoriously, the freedom of my fist ends where the freedom of your nose begins;

I’m going to have to be careful: I’ve been nice about a bishop and a the pope recently. It does my baptist credentials no good at all!

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