Communications Conference

This is a rather relaxed conference, which is rather nice. Yesterday afternoon we sat outside in the shade rather than in a conference room. The view from where we were sitting was stunning.


Today we had to sit indoors because we were having a video conference with colleagues in the US. We used Skype for the conference and it worked very well. It may have been just as well for the colleagues in the US that they couldn’t actually see us – but we could see them very well.


The person in the middle on the screen is fellow blogger Ruth. The guy on the left is Scot – a day earlier, he and I had an interesting Twitter conversation about the US election as we both watched the results coming in (I know, I shouldn’t have been watching the results during meetings). It has been fascinating to see the way that we have been able to use the Internet across continents and to follow events as they happen.

Before we got into the video conference, I kicked off a missiology discussion by giving an off the cuff talk on why I believe that the age of the Great Commission is over. People listened very politely, if a little skeptically. One of the lessons I learned is that you should never give a talk in a room full of communications specialists as someone is bound to have a camera.

Eddie Talking

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Good meeting with you Eddie, would have loved to been with you all LIVE, wow, I look like a giant on that screen, sorry you all had to see me that big. Nice photos. Hope we were able to give you some useful information. Have a great conference.

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